This site was a transit point between Rivas, Granada and the province of Guanacaste. It was a very prestigious hacienda, producing indigo, an intensely blue dye used for fabrics. With the increase of its workers, the first hamlet was formed.

In 1862 this town was made official by decree with the name of “Villa Belén”; taking the name due to the appearance in the town of an image of the Child Jesus. In this same decree it is detailed that the Christmas celebrations will be the Patron Saint Festivities in honor of the Child Jesus. Currently this party takes place from December 16 to January 7.

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Hammock craft workshops

An important event that is part of the history of this municipality is the "Battle of Obraje", carried out on February 24, 1896, during the Nicaraguan National War.

The old hacienda was used as a camp by William Walker's filibuster troops, who were heading to attack the city of Rivas, which turned out to be a bloody battle where Nicaraguan patriots stood out.

Traditional crafts and crafts

One of the most important artisan traditions in Bethlehem is the elaboration of the filigree gourds; one of the artistic elements, characteristic of the municipality of Belén.

The places where you can learn about the process of making these magnificent crafts are the filigree workshop of doña María Bermúdez, known as "Magic Hands Store”; art that has been inherited for three generations. The art that the artisan hands of this workshop possess is unique in the municipality, the delicacy of its pieces is very particular and it has participated in national and international fairs. It is located 3 blocks north from the Municipal Mayor's Office. It also highlights the various crafts of Doña Tere Corea, known as “Tete Creations”. Make piñatas, dolls, cards and portraits. This workshop is located from the Municipal Court ½ block north.

The San José cabinetmaker workshop has been producing a wide variety of wooden furniture for the home for 35 years, among others. The workshop is located 2 and a half blocks north of the municipal mayor's office. hammock craft workshops, where the one of Doña María Elena Castellón stands out at kilometer 85 of the South Pan-American Highway, in the community of San Marcos. The artisans make hammocks with fine fabrics at a price that is a permanent bargain.


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