It is located in the central region, Matagalpa municipality of the Matagalpa department. It has an area of ​​1,428 hectares. The protected area was declared through Presidential Decree 42-91, published in the official newspaper La Gaceta No. 207 on November 4, 1991.

The ecosystem of this natural reserve is characterized by the biological wealth of fauna and flora of the tropical cloud forest, the economic values ​​that its water and productive resources represent, as well as the socio-cultural and environmental importance of its surroundings.

The main predominant vegetation species are macuelizo, jenízaro, guácimo de molenillo, ceiba, espavel, royal cedar, medlar, helequeme, sand, mahogany, guava, chaperno, among other species.

The predominant fauna in the area is represented by reptiles such as the yellow beard, ox kill, velvet, tamagás, coral, boa; There are also mammals such as the sahíno, danto, jaguar, among others; as well as the presence of birds such as the bell bird and the quetzal.


  • Trekking 
  • Observation of flora and fauna
  • Landscaping, from major elevations such as the Goof off potter and the hills Future.
  • Photography and I bathe in the creek jaguar and broken Providence.