The Cerro Grande de Kuskawás rises north of the middle course of the Tuma River, between the Musún and Peñas Blancas massifs, near the town of Rancho Grande. Its base is a plateau surrounded by the Babaska River to the north, the Yaoska River to the east, the Tuma River to the south, and the Bijao River to the west. The plateau is connected to the axis of the Isabelia mountain range, although the Kuskawás hill is not part of this alignment.

This natural reserve was declared a protected area through Presidential Decree 42-91, published in La Gaceta on November 4, 1991. Considered the homeland of the Yaoska indigenous people, an original tribe of the Sumo ethnic group, it is a partially unexplored area, which It was one of the scenes of the war in the 80s.


Peñas Blancas Massif

The characteristic vegetation of the summits of the Kuskawás is that of a premontane, broadleaf, low and closed forest that is in a good state of conservation. Its soils are mineable with high organic carbon and well drained, intervened with coffee plantations and pastures especially on the south side.


  • Trekking
  • Observation of flora and fauna