Reserve-tomabu-Estelì-2It was declared a protected area by Decree 42-91 published in La Gaceta on November 4, 1991. It covers an area of ​​165km² and is located in the eastern part of the Santa Cruz community between the municipalities of Estelí and Trinidad.

Geologically, the nature reserve is characterized by having domal-shaped hills or domes to form tables, indented hills with large escarpments, low and undulating hills, with some predominance of semi-destroyed calderas due to erosion or by being covered with younger rocks.

It presents subtropical dry forest where there are approximately 41 species of flora, among them the following stand out: cagalera, chiquirín, coraldearsneaker, black hawthorn, molenillo guásimo, calf guásimo, soursop, jiñocuabo, sweet jocote, black laurel,  arbutusmalinchemango, oaksacuanjoche, river willow, buzzard, coal and black wood. Other species could also be observed, some typical of the dry forest such as the sardine, and guarumo to a minimum degree some characteristic species of broadleaf forest such as guanacaste and royal cedar.

Reserve-tomabu-Esteli-1On the other hand, the existing association of coniferous forest together with oak, represent a great relevance for the ecosystem since they provide protection and food to numerous species of migratory birds; in the same way to 22 species of mammals, being the bats the most diverse with 8 species; among reptiles and amphibians the findings are very sporadic, except for the presence of small and thin lizards.


    • Camping  
    • Trekking
    • Observation of flora and fauna
    • Landscaping: there are viewpoints where you can appreciate the scenic beauty of the Santa Cruz valley.
    • Visit to the Cave of the Duende, where the settlers affirm according to the legends that goblins inhabit, who during the night roam the pine forests.

visit him

  • Own vehicle: If you come from Managua, you only have to take the Pan-American highway to Estelí and at kilometer 135 you must turn right (East), at the entrance of the National Forest Technical Institute (INTECFOR), ascending approximately 4 km along the trail or path that leads to the Las Cuevas region.
  • Public transport: the bus that goes to Estelí is approached from the El Mayoreo Market in Managua; until reaching the INTECFOR junction. In the Wholesale it is possible to find buses from 4 in the morning until 5:30 in the afternoon, which leave every half hour.