Virgin of Guadalupe

Virgin of Guadalupe

In the municipality of Dipilto, the patron saint festivities are celebrated in honor of the Virgen de la Piedra, from December 8 to 12; the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe was taken to Dipilto on February 10, 1947. The site where it is located was declared a sanctuary in 1996 by the Catholic Church.

Devotees make pilgrimages to this place, sing serenades on a night of spiritual singing by local and national choirs, activities that enhance December 12. Parishioners from different departments of Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador attend.

The first miracle attributed to the Virgin of Guadalupe is the disappearance of the plague that devastated the town of Dipilto, who suffered from high temperatures with fetid sweat and delusions, a fact that forced them to remain locked in their homes.

Religiosity and tradition 

Banana fair

Banana fair

El town of Dipilto It is very fervent and attached to religious traditions and manifestations and is manifested in the faith and devotions that are evident in the celebration of the Gritería on December 12 and not on the 7th, because it is dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe; they also celebrate San Isidro; Divine Providence, The Blood of Christ; Saint John Paul II and Holy Week.

Annually celebrate the Banana Fair, which takes place on the last Saturday of October, with the main protagonists being the students, teachers, parents and residents of the different communities, who make and exhibit costumes, foods and banana sweets, as well as the Biggest Banana contest in the world. Municipality, event that attracts many local, national and foreign visitors. On the same date, the Coffee Fair.


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