Our Lord of Esquipulas Parish: built on a natural elevation at the beginning of the XNUMXth century.

Our Lord of Esquipulas Parish

Our Lord of Esquipulas Parish

It is a colonial-style hermitage, made with adobe walls and the front of a single square double-leaf door, which has the image of the Lord of Esquipulas carved in relief. The wooden bell tower is separated from the temple and placed on the left side.

The oldest house It is on one floor, built in 1927, by Don Juan Alberto Sanabria, the first mayor of Esquipulas.

Oldest houses in Esquipulas.

Oldest houses in Esquipulas.

It still preserves intact its structure of walls made with local flagstone, columns and wooden lintels. Its entrance has two square double-leaf doors and its roof is made of tiles. It is located in the urban sector of the town, from the National Police three blocks to the north, it can be reached on foot or by vehicle.

Central Park: a large public space that has rest benches, a kiosk, children's play area and trees that give it a pleasant climate, giving visitors a sense of peace.


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