Virgin of the Rosary It is celebrated with great faith and devotion on October 07 with the procession of the Virgin; the image is carried through the main streets of the city with religious songs and the inevitable philharmonic band, as well as the waste of gunpowder.

Virgin of the Rosary

Pilgrimage in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe: On December 12, the traditional pilgrimage is celebrated through the different streets of the city, the Virgin of Guadalupe is accompanied by folk dances, music and waste of gunpowder.

The pilgrimage leaves the house of Doña Lupe Corrales, passes through the Cathedral and then moves to the Guadalupe Chapel in the José Benito Escobar neighborhood. He returns to his place of origin after the celebration of a mass.

The devotees of this tradition dress the children as inditos and carry offerings.

Traditional December festivals: The biggest parties, where all the citizens of Estelí participate and people from all over the country attend, begin on December 08th and end in January.

Traditional festivals are religious, cultural and commemorative. Among them, the commemoration of the founding of the city of Estelí, the Christmas shopping nights, the shepherds, the famous horse riding parade and the agricultural fair, as well as concerts where artists from the municipality and other areas of the country participate.

The festivities also hold the Christmas food, handicraft and agricultural product fairs of the municipality and bullfights, rides and chinamos cannot be missed.

Holy Cross: On May 03, it is celebrated in the Tres Esquinas and Santa Cruz community, beginning with a mass celebrated by the parish priest of the community church, where baptisms and first communions are held.

Estelí also celebrates the Virgen del Carmen, on July 16, coinciding with the celebration of the liberation of Estelí from the Somoza dictatorship.


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