It is located on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, north of Puerto Corinto on the Cosigüina Peninsula. Declared a protected area, through Decree 13-20 published in the official newspaper La Gaceta No. 213 on September 19, 1983. It has an area of ​​9,157 hectares. It presents a mangrove ecosystem that is characterized by its high diversity of species, based on a great wealth and variety of food sources and income for the surrounding communities.


  • Visit to the branches of the Estero
  • Observation of flora and fauna
  • Kayaking

visit him

  • Own vehicle: From the city of Chinandega, 40 kilometers away is the small town of Jiquilillo, upon reaching it, 9 passable kilometers are traveled by dirt road to reach the Estero.
  • Public transport: From Managua at the Mercado Mayoreo bus terminal, you can board the bus that goes to Chinandega. Then you must go to the bus terminal in the El Viejo municipality to board the bus that takes you to the community of Estero Padre Ramos.