Welcome to the department of Jinotega, capital of coffee and production in Nicaragua.


Rock of the Cross

Jinotega is one of the 15 departments that make up Nicaragua and is the largest, surpassed only by the two autonomous regions, the RACCN and the RACCS. It is located in the north center of the country.

It was founded on October 15, 1891 and is currently made up of 8 municipalities, each with its own character, intertwined with indigenous and Spanish names, with Jinotega being its departmental capital.

Agriculture represents its main economic activity and its main crops are: coffee, its "green gold", for which Jinotega has resonated nationally and internationally and is exported worldwide; beans, corn and vegetables follow. It also has an important livestock activity.

Coffee grains

It is a privileged department for its climate, for its beautiful landscapes and natural resources with tourist potential.

In Jinotega is the first artificial lake in Nicaragua, Lake Apanás, created between 1964 and 1989, managing to channel the Tuma, Jigüina, Mancotal and San Gabriel rivers towards the Apanás valley. It is currently a protected area, it is on the list of RAMSAR sites (Wetland of international importance) and it is one of the main tourist attractions of the department due to the great possibility of activities it offers, such as fishing, kayaking, boat tours. , observation of species, etc.

Jinotega is the birthplace of the National Hero General Benjamín Francisco Zeledón Rodríguez, born in the municipality of La Concordia and the National Heroine Blanca Arauz of San Rafael del Norte. Many of his mountains still tell the stories of struggle against US intervention by General Sandino and his Army for the Defense of National Sovereignty or “little crazy army”, as the poet Gabriela Mistral would describe it.

Bosawas Reserve

In the department is located "the lung of Central America", the declared Bosawás Biosphere Reserve in 1997 by UNESCO, being the largest in the region. Forming part of the reserve you will also find the Nature Reserve Peñas Blancas Massif, imposing rock formation, located at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level, which offers trails that cross lush forests full of nature and life that take you to a peak with spectacular views.

Father Odorico D'Andrea

Jinotega was the home of the missionary priest Fray Odorico D'Andrea, of the Franciscan order, parish priest of North Saint Raphael, to whom many social works and miracles are attributed in San Rafael del Norte. Currently, he is in the process of beatification and his celebration is the most important and massive religious activity in the department.

This is Jinotega, beautiful, fresh, industrious, cheerful, brave, hospitable and stately, with songs flavored with the countryside and coffee.

Get to know it, it is our north, it is Nicaragua!

Municipalities of Jinotega

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