It was declared a nature reserve through Decree 13-20 issued on September 8, 1983 and published in La Gaceta No. 213 on September 19, 1983. It is located on the eastern shore, in a kind of peninsula of Lake Xolotlán. It has an area of ​​8,500 hectares made up of 5 volcanic units which are the Momotombo volcano, the caldera of Monte Galan, Cerro Montañoso, Cerro Colorado, La Guatuza hill and other adventitious cones.

The Momotombo complex has historical sites with abundant archaeological material discovered since 1983. The Ruins of León Viejo was found through scientific excavations. There are other places with archaeological references such as Isla Momotombito and Isla Rosa. Its vegetation is dominated by tropical dry forest species that are home to a diversity of fauna represented by the guardabarranco, the carrot, the heron, the buzzard, the chocoyo, the raccoon, the iguana and the crocodile.


Momotombo Volcano


  • Trekking
  • ExplorationVisit to the facilities of the Geothermal Plant at the foot of the volcano, which adds an interesting reason for tourists, provided they obtain the corresponding permission to enter the area.
  • Observation of flora and faunaIn its surroundings, you can visit Puerto Momotombo and the ruins of León Viejo and Momotombito Island, which is very interesting for its fauna, mainly birds.
  • Landscaping, contemplation of landscapes from dominant points and binocular observation.
  • Baths in hot springs with possibilities of mud therapyIn the neighborhood you can visit the hot springs of La California, where hot water gushes out and gives rise to the El Obraje river.