Municipality surrounded by a unique natural setting, with the Volcano Woodwind of custody of the relaxed life of its inhabitants, kind, sincere and hospitable people.

Travel to Altagracia on Ometepe Island "The oasis of peace”, Promised land as the song says and you will find incomparable beauty, national pride and a Nicaraguan benchmark for international tourism.

Concepción and Maderas Volcanoes

The municipality of Altagracia is located 40 kilometers from the city of Rivas and 150 kilometers from Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. Because it is located on the Island of Ometepe, it limits to the north, south and east with the Great Lake of Nicaragua and to the west with the municipality of Moyogalpa.

The main economic activities of the municipality are tourism and agriculture, whose most important items are banana, watermelon, rice, beans, sesame and corn.

Another economic activity is livestock with traditional and semi-technical practice, developing production for local consumption of meat and milk, as well as for export outside the municipality.

Transportation within the Island of Ometepe is made up of passenger routes that run through all the communities on the Island, as well as taxi services and tourist transportation. In the aquatic area, the municipality of Altagracia has a port and a ferry service for cargo and passengers.

Economic activity, livestock.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



211.21 km2 70.00 AMSL 22,470 inhabitants
Urbana: 8,112 - Rural: 14,364


Public transportation.

To get to this municipality, you must board a transport unit that goes to San Jorge in the bus terminal of the Roberto Huembes market in Managua or a bus that goes to Rivas. From there you board a taxi that will take you to Puerto de San Jorge.

In the port of San Jorge you can take a ferry to the port of San José del Sur, in a journey of one hour and 20 minutes. You can also take a ferry or passenger boat to Moyogalpa and board a bus in the direction of Altagracia, which is at a distance of 24 kilometers.



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