The municipality of Buenos Aires, before the arrival of the Spaniards, was occupied by native groups that settled in this territory, belonging to the indigenous population of the Niquiranos or Nicaraguans, who occupied the entire coastline of the Great Lake Cocibolca, approximately in the AD 1,400

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The word niquiranos means in the Nahuatl language until now the Nicaraguans.

With a privileged position next to the Great Lake of Nicaragua, the municipality of Buenos Aires is proud of its territory, full of natural and cultural riches, it is a people with artistic hands that has given it national merits.

Initially the town of Buenos Aires was founded in 1717 and was named "San José de Buenos Aires"; later in 1870 it was legally erected as Villa de Buenos Aires.

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The municipality of Buenos Aires is located 114 kilometers from the city of Managua. It limits to the north with Nandaime, to the south with the municipalities of San Jorge and Rivas, to the east with Lake Nicaragua, and to the west with the municipality of Potosí.

The economy of Buenos Aires is based on agricultural production, which is mainly concentrated in the southern part of the municipality.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



75.22 km2 53.00 masl 5,735 inhabitants
Urbana: 2,525 Rural: 3,210

How to reach?

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To get to Buenos Aires you must board a collective transport unit at the Roberto Huembes Market bus terminal in Managua, a bus that goes to the municipality of Rivas, passing the towns of Belén and Potosí, you will see the crossroads after “Palos Negros”, there ask the driver to stop at the entrance stop to the municipality.

You can also get around from Rivas by boarding a Buenos Aires taxi whose stop is located at the municipal market traffic lights 1/2 block north.

If you travel by private vehicle you must take the South Pan-American Highway in the direction of the city of Rivas, passing through the municipality of Belén and Potosí, at the crossroads turn left and continue until you reach the municipality.



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