Virgin of Our Lady of Los Remedios “Patroncita of the town”: This festival begins on February 25 and ends on February 120, these celebrations are more than two centuries old and according to tradition it is said that the Virgin was found on the shore of a well located XNUMX meters from where her church was built. sanctuary.

Every year there is a pilgrimage of thousands of devotees from different parts of the country and the Central American region to bring water from the well. Upon returning to the temple, they participate in the Eucharist, at the end of which the water is blessed and a prayer is offered for the health of the sick.

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Our Lady of Los Remedios

After mass, the image goes out through the streets of the town in a solemn procession, transported in the hands of the faithful, during the journey each pilgrim has the opportunity to upload the image. The procession culminates with the final blessing in the temple. Also on the 18th of each month the parishioners come to this pilgrimage sanctuary.

Due to the devotion to Our Lady of Remedies, dating from the late seventeenth century, the main celebration of each year begins on February 08 with the preparatory novena for its solemn celebration on the 16th of that month. It begins with the lowering of the image of his dressing room, beginning the religious festivities. On February 25 there is a solemn mass and then the image is raised to its dressing room on the main altar.

As part of the patron saint festivities of the Virgen de los Remedios, it is common to find some parishioners who enter the sanctuary on their knees, others who buy and light candles, or place silver objects on the dress of the image. All for the same objective: to pay promises for favors received.

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Holy Trinity

An activity that has become a tradition for more than three decades is the sale of traditional marshmallows, by women from Santa Teresa, Carazo, who are placed throughout the main entrance of the sanctuary. In this municipality other patron saint festivities are also celebrated, which take place in the rural area, among which the following stand out:

Patron festivities in honor of Saint Benedict of Palermo They are held on April 15 in the community of Paso Benito. In this celebration a Eucharist is held where the faithful devotees distribute chicha in honor of the saint.

The parties for Our Lady of Fatima They are on May 13 in the community of North Puntarenas. This festivity was born as a need of the parishioners, who constituted it as the patron of the community.

It is also performed in honor of the Holy Trinity which is celebrated on May 22 in the community of Ceiba Chachagua. Here the families dress in yellow and white, arrange the main streets where the procession will pass and the activity culminates with a joyous vigil.

The patronal feast of the Jesus's Heart It is June 05 in the El Pozo community, it began as a way of giving thanks on the part of a family for all the blessings received and was established as the community's patronal feast. The parishioners perform Eucharist and a joyful vigil.Another festivity that is celebrated is in honor of the Virgin of Perpetual Help, on June 26, in the El Porvenir region. The families carry out a procession through the main streets of the community, a Eucharist and end with a joyous vigil.

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Virgin Assumption of Mary

The festivities of the Assumption of Mary They take place on August 15, in the community of Patient Dos Quezalguaque with a Thanksgiving Eucharist.

There are festivities in honor of the Virgen de la Merced, between September 05 and 24 in the Las Mercedes community. With more than four decades of celebrating the image of the Virgin travels the houses of the surrounding communities, on September 23 a vigil is held where families demonstrate their Christian fervor.

From November 14 to 20, the patron saint festivities are held in honor of Christ the King, in the community of the same name, with the participation of other nearby communities. Families hold novenaries and a joyous vigil where they sing and dance.


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