The municipality is located 213.5 kilometers from the city of Managua. It limits to the north with El Cúa and San José de Bocay, to the south with Río Blanco and Matiguás, to the east with Waslala and to the west with the municipality of El Tuma - La Dalia.

Cocoa beans

Cocoa beans

Originally it was a place of passage towards other places of the department; According to oral tradition, the name of the municipality is due to the fact that in the first residential nucleus of the town there was a large house or straw ranch -in the Rancho Alegre community- and the travelers who passed through this place spent the night at the ranch and said "Let's make the night at the big ranch"; hence the name of the municipality Rancho Grande.

The first settlers were the families: Rivera and Martínez. Culturally, the municipality is rural, its people are simple, peaceful, hospitable and hard-working.

The fundamental economic activity of the municipality is livestock.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



598.26 km2 600 masl 36,091 inhabitants
Urbana: 5,048 - Rural: 31,043

How to reach?

Rancho Grande main street

Rancho Grande main street

To get to the municipality of Rancho Grande, you must board a bus at the Mayoreo market terminal in Managua, bound for Matagalpa. The car will drop you off at the Cotran Sur terminal, from there you must go to Cotran Norte to board the bus that goes to Rancho Grande.

By private vehicle, from Managua, you must take the North Pan-American Highway and go directly to Matagalpa; then follow the road to El Tuma - La Dalia and take the junction that goes to Rancho Grande. The road is well signposted and in good condition.


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