San Pedro y Saint Paul: It is celebrated on June 29, this holiday is promoted by the Catholic Church and is celebrated in the Colegio Niño Jesús.

The religious activities were carried out with the mass that begins the celebration. In cultural and recreational activities, bingo and domino games are held, as well as sale of traditional foods.

Traditional holidays

Holy Trinity: it is celebrated the first week of June.

Autonomous Week: commemoration of the Promulgation of the Autonomy Processes of the Autonomous Region of the Caribbean Coast, obtained in 1987. This is a massive event that is celebrated with cultural activities, gastronomic fairs and other important events related to this anniversary.

Celebration of King Pulanka Miskitu: It is a satirical dance, the natives make fun of the English who were considered foreigners during the British colonization, dances that have been carried out since 1940.

It is a tradition of the Miskito communities of the RACCN, where they express the work of the indigenous people in their communities, at present this dance expresses themes as a form of protest by indigenous peoples for the looting of natural resources.

Since January, all the communities are preparing to participate in a competition where the best representation of this dance is selected and the Municipal Government grants recognition to all the participating communities. This event takes place in the city of Bilwi in the January and February.

Easter week: It is celebrated in the La Bocana and La Bocanita spas. The merchants put sections / sales along the beach where the population and visitors celebrate with food, drinks and children take the opportunity to bathe on the beach.

Sihkru tara: Miskito traditional rite where the indigenous people manage to communicate with the spirits of their ancestors, in order to keep alive the traditional knowledge essential for life in the communities. It is celebrated between the 06th and 10th of August in Bilwi and Waspam, it receives a visit from the Miskito indigenous people of Honduras.

International Day of Indigenous Peoples: takes place on August 10, therefore it is celebrated in conjunction with the Sihkru tara. Different artistic representations of the different indigenous communities present a waste of culture and tradition.

Masquerade: Traditional dance where community members go from house to house dressed in masks made of cardboard and disguises of women dancing to the sound of Miskito music. It takes place in December and January in the El Cocal and Loma Verde neighborhood of the city of Bilwi. It is also danced in conjunction with the King Pulanka.

May Pole or Palo de Mayo: festivity of the creol ethnic group in commemoration of the goddess Yemaya. Activities are carried out every weekend in May in the different neighborhoods where the inhabitants of this ethnic group live. On May 30, a central activity is held with all the neighborhoods on the main street of the Pedro Joaquín neighborhood. It is essential to Intercultural Fashion Show where the porteño designers make a catwalk with their designs, designers from other municipalities are also invited.

Sea and coconut fair: It is held in commemoration of International Tourism Day the last week of September with a craft fair and coconut-based food, children's activities and the much-liked parade of regional myths and legends where floats from the city's neighborhoods participate.

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