Se It is located in the South Pacific region between the departments of Carazo and Rivas. It has an area of ​​29,604 hectares distributed as follows: 90% in the municipality of Santa Teresa, 6% in the municipality of Jinotepe and 4% in the municipality of Tola. The protected area was declared through Presidential Decree 12-94, published in the official newspaper La Gaceta on August 17, 1983.

Chacocente Beach is one of the most important in the world that serves for the nesting of sea turtles, as well as the protection of the tropical dry forest of the Pacific that has socioeconomic, ecological and scientific importance for the country. 

The great variety of existing ecosystems create different plant formations in which the following species stand out: beach apple tree, red mangrove, mangrove of palo de sal and button mangrove; a forest covered by thorny and stinging species, such as prickly pear, chichicaste, among others.

The most emblematic fauna species in the protected area are sea turtles, which nest on the coasts at different times of the year. The nesting of four species is reported: turtle log, torita turtle, turtle carey and turtle wow; all of them in danger of extinction. You can also find a variety of birds, mammals and reptiles, among them: brown pelican, chocoyo, magpie, certain guis, guadabaranco, congo monkey, squirrel, rabbit, garrobo, boa constrictor, deer, etc.


  • Camping
  • Trekking
  • Sighting: Arrival of sea turtles, who travel hundreds of kilometers with the purpose of nesting, reaching the beaches more than three thousand females. The nesting process takes approximately one hour and the incubation process lasts between 48 and 52 days, later the hatchlings emerge to start their way to the sea.

visit him

  • Own vehicle: Drive on the Managua to Rivas highway until you reach the Ochomogo bridge, where you will find an unpaved road on the right side, continue until you reach a detour, continue the same route until the Las Salinas junction, turn right to reach the Shipyard and continue to the shelter.