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San Juan de Oriente is a municipality in the department of Masaya, is located on the plateau of the towns 41 kilometers from the capital of Managua.
It belongs to the tourist corridor of Los Pueblos Blancos, being a town of indigenous descent; known as the Namotivas peoples, which in Nahuatl means "neighbors or brothers".

The primary attraction is the offer of artisan ceramics that in the local workshops are elaborated with a diversity of techniques and works of a utilitarian and artistic nature. The greatest economic activity is given by the elaboration and commercialization of ceramics, which is highly demanded nationally and internationally.

San Juan de Oriente is part of the National Network of Creative Cities, highlighting its crafts and tradition as a benchmark of the cultural identity of our nation.

Creative Circuit «Live Earth»

The infrastructure, the cultural, tourist and economic values ​​that this circuit possesses are:

  • Handicrafts Market with local craft offer and Cultural Activities Center

  • San Juan de Oriente Central Park

  • San Juan Church

  • Mystical Path

  • Chicha Witch Doña Loña

  • Cultural and environmental interpretation centerl

  • Little Horse Trail

  • Coasts of Laguna de Apoyo

  • Hotel San Simian

Map of the “Live Land” Circuit

San Juan de Oriente - Creative Cities