It is located in the Telica municipality of the department of León, 30 kilometers from this. It was declared a protected area by Decree 13-20 published in the official newspaper La Gaceta No. 213, on May 2, 1980.

It has an area of ​​9,808 hectares. Formed by a volcanic group in which the Telica volcano stands out, one of the 6 most active volcanoes in Nicaragua with frequent eruptions; the Rota volcano, which forms a volcanic massif whose center is located about 8 kilometers southwest of Malpaisillo; Cerro Amapola, Cerro El Cacao, Santa Clara Volcano and San Jacinto Hervideros.

Telica Volcano Crater

Telica Volcano Crater

Presents dry tropical forest vegetation where species such as quebracho, jiñocuabo, laurel, guásimo de molenillo, guásimo de calf, poro poro, tigüilote, palanco, burillo, milky, tololo, chaperno, Ojoche, Tempisque and Pochote predominate. This forest cover houses a varied fauna, predominantly mammalian species such as the cusuco, guatusa, deer, sahino and rabbit; as well as the garrobo.


  • Tour of the Hervideros of San Jacinto, where it is possible to observe several microcraters that splash mud and boiling water in the middle of hot vapors, which are activated especially after the rains.
  • Trekking. to the crater of the Telica Volcano.
  • Scientific investigationDue to its geothermal importance, it functions as a germplasm bank.

visit him

  • Own vehicle: From Managua, take the new highway to León, then continue along the León-Chinandega highway until you reach kilometer 102.
  • Public transport: From Managua in the bus terminal located in front of the Central American University or in the terminal of the Israel Lewites Market, a bus is boarded bound for the city of León. Then, at the León terminal, you must take a bus that goes to the municipality of Telica.