The department of Matagalpa is located 130 km from the capital, surrounded by mountains with an elevation between 700 and 1500 meters above sea level. Its constant rains allow a very green ecological vegetation, being a department with a cool climate, where culture, nature and history mix to provide an unforgettable tourist experience.

It is one of the most geographically extensive and populated departments in Nicaragua. Divided into 0 municipalities: Matagalpa, San Isidro, Sébaco, Ciudad Darío, Terrabona, Esquipulas, San Dionisio, San Ramón, Muy Muy, Matiguás, El Tuma – La Dalia, Río Blanco, Rancho Grande.

Matagalpa is part of the Coffee Route and among its attractions we have: nature reserves, waterfalls, waterfalls, coffee farms, petroglyphs, history, culture and handicrafts typical of the territory. Among the tourist services that offer quality and comfort to visitors and tourists we have: hotels, guest houses, hostels and family hostels, where you can feel at home; as well as restaurants, bars, typical dining rooms, fritangas and cafeterias.

How to enjoy Matagalpa?

Cerro Apante Nature Reserve

Cerro Apante is a mountainous massif located to the southwest of the city, declared a protected area where forests of the humid tropics are preserved, some in a virgin state, it contains a varied fauna with a height of 1,442 meters above sea level. Apante name that means, “land of two waters”. At its summit stands the 33-meter-high La Cruz de la Paz (in memory of the years of Jesus Christ's earthly life). It is the highest Catholic monument in Nicaragua, built on the summit of Cerro Apante, as part of the Montaña de la Paz project to be a pilgrimage site, where the Christian faithful can come to reflect, pray and make spiritual retreats.

National / Foreign

C$3000per person

Cerro El Calvario Viewpoint and Ecological Park

Cerro El Calvario viewpoint

This attraction has natural spaces and trails prepared for visitors, it is an ideal place to contemplate the landscape and take pictures of the best views of the city and the beauty of the imposing watchman Cerro Apante, as well as take some time to relax in harmony with nature and live the adventure in the Canopy.

Schedule: 09:00 am – 04:30 pm

Entrance cost

C$500National / Foreign





Cerro El Arenal Nature Reserve

HillEl Arenal Matagalpa

The Cerro El Arenal Nature Reserve is located in the heart of Matagalpa and is one of the most important natural habitats in the country, with unparalleled attractiveness, selective natural beauty and landscaping. Going into their mountains they come together; coffee farms, flower cultivation, vegetable cultivation, natural medicine and community life. It offers a true ecotourism experience; With high slopes, rivers, trails, streams and thick forest, it is positioned as an ideal place for Mountain Biking.

Santa Emilia waterfall

The Santa Emilia waterfall

El Salto is within the Cerro Yasica Nature Reserve, whose main attraction is the powerful waterfall with a height of 17 meters above the ground. Cascada Blanca offers accommodation services, bar, restaurant, therapeutic massages, tours of the reserve, camping and private transportation. This site allows you to experience direct contact with nature in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, which invites you to meditate. Private tourist transportation is offered to visitors and guests every weekend from the city of Matagalpa.

Entrance cost

C$10000National / Foreign

Moon Waterfall


La Luna Waterfall, located in the municipality of El Tuma - La Dalia, 40 kilometers from the city of Matagalpa. It is an adventure park where you can do activities such as: Canopy, Kayak, Rapel and Hiking. The canopy is 60 meters high and 300 meters long with 4 stations and rappelling is 50 meters high.









Rubén Darío Birthplace

Rubén Darío Birthplace

Located in the historic center of Ciudad Darío, it is the most famous corner, the humble birthplace of the universal poet. Here you can learn about the life and work of Rubén Darío, you will also learn about the architecture of the time.


Tuesday to Friday: 08:00 a.m. to 04:30 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday: 09:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.

Prices include guide.






U.S. $400

Historic Center of Matagalpa


The Center of the Beautiful Pearl of the North is a historical setting that no visiting family should miss when in town. Its most historic buildings are located on this outskirts; the beautiful San Pedro Cathedral founded between 1874-95, the San Luis Gonzaga School Building, the Morazán Park, the Monument to Carlos Fonseca and Tomás Borge.

Much of the city's economic activities and daily life are concentrated in this historic center. We also find the Heroes and Martyrs Cultural Center and the Modern Municipal Theater where the different cultural activities that entertain the public take place. The Juan Pablo II Pedestrian Square and the El Brigadista Sports Center are the place to practice basketball, volleyball and go for a bike ride. Here is the center of concentration of families and visitors where they meet daily to talk and contemplate this beautiful city.

Pre-Columbian Museum and Rock Art

Archaeological Museum of Chagüitillo





It is a picturesque and attractive village within the jurisdiction of the municipality of Sébaco, here we can visit two sites of great archaeological value such as: Villa Chagüitillo Pre-Columbian Museum, a small place in which we find two exhibition halls; one of rock art and petroglyphs and the room of Pre-Columbian ceramics and colonial history.

Los Venados Sanctuary Tour


Los Venados Sanctuary Tour

U.S. $600Foreign

Apamico Sanctuary also called Ceremonial Altar of Spirituality located in the rocks of an old ravine, where we find a calendar recorded by the aborigines of the area, it is also located in Villa Chagüitillo: The Deer Sanctuary that has numerous petroglyphs on the rivera de the broken Here you can take a guided tour of the museum rooms and sanctuaries.

Apamic Sanctuary Tour


Apamic Sanctuary Tour


Museum of the Revolution

It is a space where the Monument of the Fallen of the Revolution rises, commemorating the heroic deed of August 28, 1978, in recent years the municipal government has carried out construction and improvement works of the space with a Gallery of heroes and martyrs .

It has a historical and revolutionary importance for the Matagalpino people, during the Somoza regime, in its place there was the building of the national guard barracks built in 1890 and destroyed by a bomb in the insurrection; In 1986, Cmdte Thomas Borge Martínez began the construction of an amphitheater and a monument in honor of the Heroes and Martyrs who fought against the Somocista dictatorship was created by volunteer brigade sculptors; Over the years it has been remodeled from being a torture center to a Cultural Center where you can find a Photo Gallery of Compañeros Guerrillas historical combatants of the Sandinista popular revolution, as well as a permanent exhibition of old photos of Matagalpa and a monument to the heroes. Indios Flecheros Matagalpa belonging to the Defending Army of the North during the battle of San Jacinto in 1856. Who on September 18, 2012 received homage by the National Assembly with the Law 808: Law that declares the Matagalpa Indian flecheros, heroes of the battle of San Jacinto, published in the gazette, official newspaper no. 185 of September 28, 2012.

Coffee Museum


It is located to the south of the Central Avenue of the city, it is the best example of our originality and coffee customs. The museum has 5 rooms that describe the history and origins of the Matagalpa indigenous people.

It was inaugurated at the end of 2002, in the old Club de Obreros de Matagalpa building and remodeled in 2022. Inside its rooms, archaeological pieces, documents, historical photographs of the city are exhibited, and the history of coffee production is reconstructed. in the region, through some original instruments that were used when starting this crop.

Municipal Theater and Leoncio Sáenz Museum

Theater and Museum Leoncio Saenz 2

Located in the Fanor Jaen neighborhood, it is a beautiful facility with an elegant modern structure where it has accommodated various cultural expressions, both municipal and from other countries of the world, it has international standards for the presentation of dance and theater. It works as a theater since November 2013, being recently inaugurated with the name Municipal Theater and Leoncio Sáenz Museum in December 2021. It has capacity for more than 600 people.

Black Pottery Workshop

Black pottery-Matagalpa

Black pottery is one of the most authentic handicrafts in the country, visiting families will be able to carry out a production workshop of this type of black pottery in the traditional way. Which has roots in only three countries in the world: Mexico, Chile and Nicaragua.

Matagalpa is one of the few places in the country where these crafts that are part of the nation's cultural heritage are produced. By visiting this workshop you can observe the entire process of molding, polishing and burning of the valuable ceramic pieces and collect an art souvenir. All members of visiting families may participate.

Indigenous Looms El Chile

El Chile community looms

Indigenous Looms Chile is a group of indigenous women who make fabrics in an artisanal way. Here you will learn about its history and you will be able to see and participate in the process of making its wide variety of products that range from purses to backpacks, rugs and more.

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