Of 3,491 km²; before the National War, in 1856, it covered the entire northern zone. The pine tree is representative; its coffee is an international reference; its folk music is nationally known; its landscapes are tourist potential; the people of its 12 municipalities are hospitable.

Virgen de la Piedra Sanctuary

Virgin of the Stone

It is located in the urban area of ​​Dipilto. The image of the Virgin of Guadalupe was embedded in the rock in 1947, when the municipality was hit by a rare disease similar to leprosy, and since the image was placed there they began to pray and receive favors. The sanctuary has a holy water well, it has a varied vegetation that makes it an oasis of peace.

Another option offered is the Cruz de la Fe viewpoint, from where you will enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the town and feel the fresh wind like a divine caress.

Free national and foreign entry.

Santa Mozonte Hill

Santa Virgen de Guadalupe Hill

To get to this site you will have to climb more than 250 steps, at the top there is a chapel and an altar in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe. From this point you will be able to observe beautiful panoramic views of the town.

Free national and foreign entry.

Old Town Church

Ruins of La Merced Church and Convent

Ciudad Antigua, with more than four centuries of history, was founded in 1543. It is considered the third colonial city established in Nicaragua, after Granada and León. Destroyed and looted by English and French pirates in 1654 and 1668. The church inside houses colonial religious images from the last century that were brought from Spain, among them the image of the Lord of Miracles, a sculpture carved in wood, elaborated in Spain and brought in 1664 and the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception.

This church preserves the main altar in baroque style and the baptismal font carved in stone and made in 1625. This temple has become one of the most visited sanctuaries by nationals and foreigners.

Free national and foreign entry.

House Museum Santa Maria de los Rivas

Museum of Sacred Art Santa María d los Rivas 2


C$5000National and Foreign

Architectural gem, a reunion with the colonial era. Here you can see countless religious images. This house has four rooms, a main dining room, a wedding chapel, 12 rooms that represent the 12 apostles, among other decorations.

Get to know this religious paradise, there are gardens, nativity scenes, a chapel, images, a museum, history and even a guesthouse and restaurant. It is located in the municipality of Ocotal.

Mineral from San Albino, El Jícaro

Historical site of great national relevance, for being the site of the most famous anti-imperialist proclamation of General Augusto C. Sandino. Traces of what was the mine are still preserved. It was declared a National Historical Heritage in 1983. It is located 4 km. southwest of the municipal seat, on the banks of the El Jícaro river.

Entry price: Free, nationals and foreigners.

craft workshops

handicrafts of mozonte


U.S. $300National and Foreign

Mozonte is a municipality recognized for its utilitarian and artistic ceramics, made with the techniques of the pre-Hispanic era. It is the seat of one of the indigenous peoples of north-central Nicaragua, who, proud of their culture, customs and knowledge, have preserved this legacy for centuries.

The piles. Mozonte

Mozonte River


C$5000National and Foreign

Las Pilitas Natural Spa, a tourist attraction located in Nueva Segovia, stands out with its 7 rocky pools, which form small waterfalls. It is surrounded by sacuanjoches, our national flower, and flies over this natural paradise, the Guardabarranco. Near the site is a coffee farm and cattle ranch. The road to get there is in good condition.

Delia Hot Springs


General Admission

C$5000National and Foreign
  • This tourist center is located at kilometer 12 of the Ocotal-Macuelizo highway.
  • A water source to which healing powers are attributed, which converge in a stream that pours into the Macuelizo River.
  • The site is conditioned for tourism and in its surroundings there is exuberant vegetation and fauna that invites exploration.

Don Alfonso Hot Springs



C$5000National and Foreign

They are located on the border of the municipalities of El Jícaro, Jalapa and San Fernando.

In this site you will find granite rocks, marble gemstones and a mound of natural granite rock, the one with a slope from which filtered water comes out in fountain style.


  • Swimming pools with regulated temperatures.
  • Special pool for use by people with disabilities
  • Outdoor sauna.

It is located in the rural sector, approximately 2 kilometers from the Aranjuez community.

Cerro Mogoton

Santa Teresa del Mogoton Farm


U.S. $28000Package 4 People

The Cerro Mogotón viewpoint, is the highest point of the national geography, it is a mountain on the border between Nicaragua and Honduras. In the Nicaraguan part it is found in the Dipilto and Jalapa volcanic mountain range.

Climbing its summit is a challenge for the most adventurous and nature lovers, but the view it offers compensates for all efforts.

To make this six-hour tour to the highest point, you must use 4×4 transportation.

Cerros Pegados Canyon


Venture to explore the Cerros Pegados canyon, an interesting rock formation in the flow of Quebrada Onda that originates from near the urban area of ​​the municipality of Santa María. Here you will see large rocks naturally overlapping and leaving small spaces for access to the lower part of the canyon occupied by pools of water in the rock on the ground. In the upper part you can enjoy panoramic views of the countries of Honduras and Nicaragua. In this site there are remains of a pre-Columbian sanctuary.

The site is located 6.61 kilometers from the urban area, you can transport your own vehicle to the entrance of this site, then continue on foot. The accompaniment of a guide is recommended.

Entrance fee: Free for nationals and foreigners.

Finca Las Orquídeas Viewpoint


Finca Las Orquídeas Viewpoint is an excellent tourist option located 15 kilometers north of the city of Jalapa, in the San Antonio community, at an altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level.

In this majestic place, visitors will enjoy an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, a true paradise that you cannot miss, with an experience that disconnects the visitor from the hectic life of the city and immerses him in a magical world full of nature.