It is located in the central region in the municipality of San Ramón in the department of Matagalpa. It has an area of ​​4,826 hectares. It was declared a protected area through Presidential Decree 526, published in La Gaceta No. 78 on April 17, 1993.

The geological composition of this mountain range includes tertiary volcanic rocks of the lower coyol formation west of the Wabule River, characterized by ancient Andesite rocks; and by the superior coyol formation in the highest parts to the East of the same river, where dacites or igneous rocks predominate.

Of the 60 taxa (species, subspecies and varieties) of the tropical pines of Latin America, only 4 are found in Nicaragua and two of them are present in this natural reserve; Being the pinus oocarpa  identified with high regeneration densities in the El Portillo hill and the pinus tecunumanii, prevailing in the site known as Los Pinares.


  • Trekking
  • Observation of flora and fauna
  • Landscaping and photography, It offers observation points such as the Cerro El Chompipe with 1,292 meters, a site from which all the scenic beauty of the Natural Reserve is dominated.