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Green area of ​​the municipality.

Achuapa, formerly called San José de Achuapa, was established as a town by law of March 15, 1870.

The municipality occupies the extreme north of the department of León, it is located in a mountainous area and in the western foothills of the Stylian mountains of Quiabuc, where they still preserve pine forests in their forests.

Achuapa, a heroic and combative people, commemorated 37 years of having been liberated from the genocidal Somoza dictatorship; The guerrilla columns of the Northern Front "Carlos Fonseca Amador" and the guerrilla column "Pedro Altamirano" participated in this heroic feat.

La House of Culture "Cultural Tourist Corner" promotes the cultural development of young people, it is located in the Sabana de la Villa community.

It is a multifaceted house of culture, among the activities carried out are primitivist and modernist painting, clay sculptures and handicrafts made with seeds and bones; In addition, it offers service to the community in labeling work, educational models and painting for educational centers and children, as a means of self-support.

Artistic manifestations and International Artistic Festival

House of Culture Cultural Tourist Corner_achuapa_cultura2

House of Culture Cultural Tourist Corner.

This event takes place in the first week of August, attended by international and national artists. You can enjoy music, dance, theater, singing, exhibitions of agricultural and livestock activities, sale of handicrafts and ends with a popular party until dawn. In Achuapa there are two cultural groups: The Lizard y The corner place; their activities include theater and music.

In music, two groups stand out: "The Rustics of the North" made up of six young people who compose and perform cheerful music of everyday life. And the group "The Calderones de Achuapa", composed of eight musicians of different generations and both sexes. They perform non-traditional music with varied rhythms including an accordion, electric guitar, drums, organ, timpani, and güiro.

Hijos del Maíz Spanish School_achuapa_arquitectura3

Children of the Corn Spanish School.

Don Adam Hernandez and the Northerners, this 100-year-old man is an extraordinary composer of polkas, mazurkas, waltzes and zapateados, he is the author of the famous polka "The shout of the skittle", unmissable in the repertoires of Nicaraguan dance groups and ensembles.Site of historical and cultural interest 

Hijos del Maíz Spanish School: This cultural and social center is located in the El Lagartillo community, half an hour from the urban area of ​​Achuapa. It offers language classes in coexistence with the community and the nature of the site. The learning is led by trained teachers from the community and includes accommodation and meals in homestays. It also incorporates daily participation in field work and visits to places of interest, such as the forest or the waterfall.


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