The Cerro Alamikamba nature reserve is located in the autonomous region of the North Caribbean Coast, in the municipality of Prinzapolka. The area was declared through Decree 42-91, published in La Gaceta on November 4, 1991.

It has an area of ​​2,100 hectares, which includes savannas of Pinus caribaea of ​​high genetic value where one of the best provenances of this species is obtained, which can reach heights greater than 30 meters approximately and in well-drained sites they tend to be denser and more developed.

It presents ecosystems of the humid tropical evergreen seasonal broadleaf riberine and swampy forest dominated by palms; there is an open estuary and a freshwater alluvial coastal lagoon; where it is possible to observe the presence of silty mangroves and a sparsely vegetated tropical beach; There are also tall graminoid flooded savannas with broadleaf trees and a significant presence of palms, short graminoid flooded savannas, and swampy transitional coastal vegetation.