Pine forests

The municipality of Ciudad Antigua is located to the south of the department of Nueva Segovia. Among the important elevations are the Loma Alta hill, Los Cascabeles hill, El Carrizal hill, La Magdalena hill, Las Jaguas hill and Apatiqui hill.

The municipality is crossed from north to south by the Cuidad Antigua river, the La Guaruma river to the west of the municipality and San José del Guineo to the east of the municipality. In the municipal territory there are a large number of streams that increase their level in rainy seasons, among them are the Aguacatal, San Joaquín, El Uraco, Tendido, Quebrada de los Calpules, Piedra Pintada, Las Cañas, Reynerio, Sinchado, Padilla streams. , Las Jaguas, Cayanqui, Ramos, and El Arenal

The ecosystems that are present are the pine forest in the part of some mountain ranges, the outstanding species is the ocote pine, also the gallery forest on the banks of rivers with arboreal vegetation and shrub vegetation. There are also the agroforestry, agricultural and livestock systems.



Among the representative fauna species are the tigrillo, pizote, bare-tailed fox, rabbit, white-tailed deer, squirrel, garrobo, armadillo, guatusa, sahino, pigeon, pavilla, zenzontle and chachalaca, among others.

nature tourism

Visit the El Carrizal viewpoint, In this place you will be able to enjoy a pleasant climate, appreciate various scenarios that make up the landscape and be surrounded by the flora and fauna of the area. It is located 20 kms. northeast of the municipal seat, about thirty minutes on the road to macadam.

El Tigre jump

El Tigre jump

Other places where you can appreciate panoramic views are the Las Garcías viewpoint, here you can also observe the native flora and fauna of the area and the Palo Blanco viewpoint. It is recommended to make these visits in the company of a local guide and go to the municipal mayor's office to reach these sites located in the rural area of ​​the municipality.

Meet the El Tigre jump, a spa in a natural waterfall, where you can observe birds and vegetation, enjoy the cool waters of the waterfall and get to know the surrounding communities.

Tourism rural 

In the municipality you can take a tour of The Cane Mills, enjoy the landscape provided by the sugar cane plantations and live the experience of being part of the artisanal elaboration of the various by-products that are extracted from the cultivation of sugarcane. Likewise, you can taste cane juice, exquisite alfeñiques, cachaça and the popular sweet bundle.

You can do this tour by visiting the communities of El Limón, located 30kms away. from the urban area; El Zapote, Los Araditos and San José del Guineo.


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