San Sebastian Parish.

San Sebastián Parish: located next to the Central Park, it is a building with a neoclassical façade, it has a carved wooden altar, with niches to expose the beautiful images of sacred art.

Municipal Parish Park: Achuapa is the only municipality in which the park is owned by the Catholic Church. It shares 40% of its extension with an education center, administered by the Church.

In the urban appearance of the town, the civil and residential buildings of the vernacular style stand out, with the typical chamfered corners of the houses of León typical of the architecture that has been used since colonial times.

The Achuapa Mayor's Office building is a testimony to the traditional popular architecture of the region, which preserves its own materials and construction systems as an expression of the town's identity.


Mayor of Achuapa.

Urban tourism


Township entrance.

In the urban area of ​​the municipality you can visit the Municipal Park, an ideal place to relax and unwind surrounded by nature. The park is equipped with benches, water and kiosks.

family recreation park, where the Achuapeña families recreate themselves in a healthy environment with children's games, cultural activities are also carried out. Located in zone #1, from the Claro antenna, 2 blocks east.


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