In the two-story city, the roofs of the houses with red clay tiles, the taquezal walls, combined with modern concrete houses and zinc roofs stand out.

Church Parish of Santiago: it is an inheritance of the colony. The front is made up of two central parts and two towers. Construction was completed in 1811, begun some thirty years earlier. It was declared a National Heritage in 1955.

Monument to Santiago Apóstol: patron saint of Boaco, located on the main street of the municipality.

Parish Church of Santiago Apóstol: It is organized in two parishes, in the highest part, "above" as its inhabitants call it, is the Parish Church of Boaco, Apóstol Santiago de los Caballeros, dating from the early nineteenth century, in colonial style. In the lower part, there is the Parish Church of Perpetual Help, built in the Byzantine style in the 80s.

Parish Church of Santiago Apóstol

Parish Church of Santiago Apóstol

Municipal baseball stadium: where national events of this sport take place and also youth soccer meetings.

Municipal court: here young people practice basketball and volleyball.

José Nieborowski Park: ideal for a family day out, with recreational spaces for young and old, with children's games and music to enliven the atmosphere, it is located in front of the Santiago Parish Church.

Playground: surrounded by nature, spaces with all kinds of games for the recreation of the spoiled ones at home and comfortable benches, it is located in the vicinity of Campo Santo.

Centennial Park

Centennial Park

Centennial Park: In it there is a 20-meter-high lighthouse where you can appreciate the panorama of the surroundings of the city, in addition to its location it is ideal to relax and take pictures. Located in El Cerrito Park, northwest of the city.

Carmen Toledo Amphitheater in Íncer: Built in 2011 with its name in homage to the immense love that Doña Carmen had for the culture of Boaqueña, in it the artistic shows and events of the municipality are presented. Located on Avenida Tovar.

Jorge Smith Bullring: the famous bullfights are carried out, it has a capacity for 1,500 people and provides security conditions for the visitor.

Other recreation spaces that you can visit are the Municipal Fair Park, the Rubén Darío Park and the Plaza Buena Ventura Miranda Skating Rink, multipurpose gym.


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