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Holy Eucharist, Parroquia San José

San José Parish: It is a temple that dates back more than a century, here you can observe sacred art inside, it is a place where spirituality and peace reign. It is located in the historic center of the municipality.

Municipal park: It has a sober structure, with children's games, its square stands out with its platforms, benches, and kiosk, where food and drinks are offered. It also has a sports court; Its gazebo and the beautiful leafy trees that are part of the decoration stand out.

All the  municipal courts They are frequented by the youth of the municipality every afternoon to play soccer, basketball and volleyball, among others. Go ahead and share a game with them or visit this place with your little ones for a healthy recreation.

Jícara carving workshops: It is a characteristic of the municipality that makes it unique and different. Observing the artisans sculpting gourds with admirable designs is undoubtedly an extraordinary experience, since they turn something common into a piece of artistic decoration. It is a practice that dates back to 1979.

La Martha Lopez mansion, There they sell pieces decorated with filigree jícara, made by four expert women in this art, the workshop is located from the Casa Cural two blocks to the lake. Other workshops of this art in the municipality are the Antonio Cajina workshop, located on Calle San Antonio; the Vilma Jiménez Pérez workshop, located one block north of Telcor, and the Erasmo Cajina workshop.


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