La Catholic Church It is a modern style temple with a four-level bell tower and a conical roof in the central part of the front. Its main entrance is in the shape of an arch, it is located at the bottom of the tower.

Visit the Central Park which currently has lighting fixtures, iron chairs, a kiosk, a basketball court -which is also used for skating-; It is a perfect place for a day of recreation with your family. Located in the center of the urban area.

For sports lovers there is the Municipal stadium which has an area of ​​a block and a half, equipped with covered bleachers.


Rubén Darío Wooded Park

Rubén Darío Wooded Park: Located in the Los Alvares region, 800 meters from the urban center of Santa Lucia, it currently has huts for a comfortable rest, water fountains, scenic views, and an auditorium equipped for special events.

Sites of historical and cultural interest

Stone the toad: Located in the Los García region, 7 km from Boaco, it is large and has the shape of a toad.

For nature lovers, this municipality has the fair park, equipped with covered grandstands, has an auditorium. It is located from the central park of Santa Lucía, 1 block to the east, 2 blocks to the north and 1 to the east.


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