The construction of the parish church of San Pedro de Lóvago It was completed in the 50s of the last century. It is a beautifully designed temple.

El Central Park June 27 It has green areas, benches, a multipurpose court, a cafeteria, a library and a monument in its center. It is in front of the church.

El mothers park It has green areas, a court, concrete benches and a light fixture. It is located in the María Auxiliadora neighborhood.

Central Park June 27

You can also tour the Esquipulas Park 2It is the smallest in the urban area, it has playgrounds, pedestrian walkways and concrete benches. Located behind the Municipal Stadium.

Take a walk around La Palma Community Park, conditioned with a multipurpose court. It is located in the La Palma region.

El Lóvago Communal Park, has perimeter platforms, children's games, a fast food kiosk and two wells. Located at the junction of the community of Lóvago, highway Acoyapa – Santo Tomás.

To play your favorite sport you must visit the soccer field. Located in the urban area, next to the Ecological Park.

If you want to enjoy a good baseball game the German Miranda Stadium it's a good option. It bears the name of the first player from San Pedro who played with the Granada team and the National Team, standing out and putting the name of the municipality on high.


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