Santa Monica Parish

Santa Monica Parish

Santa Monica Parish: The oldest in the municipality, with more than a century of existence, was built in 1935. It maintains the same structure and its large wooden doors have been preserved. It houses the image of the patron saint of the municipality, the Lord of Esquipulas, as well as other ancient images from the time of its foundation and the original image of the Lord of Esquipulas, made of wood, protected in the pastoral house as a relic. It is located in front of Central Park.

House of the Moncada Ladies: A very old house, located in the El Zapotal community, 17 kilometers from the town center.

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Central Park

Central Park

El Santa Maria Central Park It is a small and colorful park, adorned with a variety of trees, shrubs and flowers that provide an ideal environment to go get some fresh air with the family, as it is equipped with benches for visitors to rest and a small kiosk in the center .

If you want to enjoy a sports afternoon you can visit the Santa María Municipal Stadium. Other options are the Children's Park Recreational Complex, Parque de Ferias and the Barrera de Toros, all located in the same space, from the Municipal Mayor's Office one block to the south and a half to the west.

The municipality also has Jaime Agurcia Recreational Center, the Video-Conference Room, CDI, House for People with Special Needs and the Market House.



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