The current Church of Santo Tomás was inaugurated on April 2, 2001. It is a temple of neocolonial design. Its façade has three square doors and above them three arched windows with stained glass windows and two bell towers on each side.

St. James

Monument dedicated to Santiago Apóstol. It is a protected niche with iron gates that preserves an image of the Apostle Santiago.

Monument to the Mother. Erected in the 80s, it consists of a female figure carrying an infant in her arms. The image is perched on a square pedestal and is located in the Central Park.

Monument to the Indian Lovigüisca. This sculptural work was erected in 2002, in commemoration of the 30th anniversary that Santo Tomás was elevated to municipality. This effigy is the representation of a native settler who carries a spear in his right hand, a bow in his left and a quiver of arrows on his back.

Urban tourism

Central park of Santo Tomás

El Central Park It is surrounded by a variety of trees and has playgrounds and rest benches. Here you will find the Monument to the Mother and a library that works as an information site for its inhabitants. It is located in the center of the municipality, west side of the Santo Tomás Parish.

El San José Recreational and Ecological Center It is a modern point of family recreation. It has swimming pools, bar and restaurant service, beach court, trails and large green areas.

For sports lovers can visit the Municipal sports. It provides optimal conditions to practice basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer and other sports disciplines.

La Bullfighting square or roundel It is made of concrete and wooden parts. At its entrance it has a monument to livestock. It is a place to live the emotions of bullfighting evenings enlivened with chichero music. It is located at the exit to San Pedro de Lóvago.


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