The parish church dedicated to The Holy Cross It was rebuilt in the year 2000 at the initiative of Fray Orestes Téllez. It is a modern-style temple built among large green areas.

Parish of the Holy Cross

The central park has playgrounds, a kiosk and monuments to Fr. Ignacio González and a snake figure that evokes the origins of the town.

El Daniel Ortega Saavedra Municipal Stadium It is a short distance from the Pedro Joaquín Chamorro and Elisena Soto schools.

The bullring is a modern structure and brings the people together to witness reckless bull riding.

El Coral Recreational Center It is a large structure used for popular activities and meetings with the community.

In the urban case, there are modern facilities for firefighters, a maternal home and a CDI.

La Holy Cross Parish It was built in 1980, dedicated to the Holy Cross. It is a colonial court temple with elements of modern design. Its façade presents a pyramidal tower-bell tower in the center. The main access door is in the form of an arch in the lower part of the bell tower.

The Coral Monument: it is a conical base on which stands a tree trunk, around which a coral snake slithers.


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