Taquezal and wood constructions are still observed in this municipality in its surroundings.

San Juan Bautista Parish: It is a building of colonial construction with the typical old facade of the primitive hermitages, it has access through a single door to the interior of a central nave and two lateral ones, supported by wooden columns.

This church was built in 1748, it is considered the oldest in the Matagalpa diocese and one of the oldest in the country.

Royal House: it is a single-level building, built in 1926 by the Martínez Murillo brothers. With internal patio, handmade wooden pillars, wooden ceiling, ceramic floor and taquezal walls.

Monument to Augusto C. Sandino

It was the first warehouse that functioned as a mountain pass, as of 2012 it is a family hostel.

San Benito Square: A religious monument built in 2000, it consists of a sculpture of Saint Benedict. In this space, special celebrations are held during the patron saint festivities in honor of the patron saint.

Monument to Augusto C. Sandino: equestrian statue of General Sandino on his mule, his presence recalls the clashes against the Marines that took place in the communities of El Chompipe and Palo Alto.


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