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To enter the Autonomous Region of the North Caribbean Coast is to know the most unknown side of Nicaragua, exotic, cultural, with unique and very representative traditions, untamed nature, wonderful people, surprising flora and fauna, rich in gold, its gastronomy is varied and his folklore is particular.

We invite you to travel it inch by inch through the first National Tourism Map in the history of the country.

This region, unique in Nicaragua, its multiculturalism and ethnic pluralism make it have a great cultural diversity; what defines its cultural heritage and its identity reference.

The North Caribbean is Bonanza and its gold mines, it is Prinzapolka with its dazzling landscapes, it is Siuna and its cattle farms, it is Rosita with its original culture, it is Puerto Cabezas and its Miskito history, it is Waslala with its new future, Waspam with its pine forests and nascent Mulukukú with hope in its hard-working and hospitable people.

Shrimp fishing

This vast territory of about 33,000 kms2, approximately, it is formed by an extensive humid plain and a large part of the jungle, crossed by wide and mighty rivers such as the Rio Coco, Wawa, Kukalaya, Prinzapolka and the Rio Grande de Matagalpa.

This region offers, in addition to its potential tourist attractions, wide possibilities in the development and rational use of varied natural resources such as gold mines, crustacean fishing and other options linked to the use of its rivers and coastlines for active trade with the rest of the country and the entire world.

Artisanal extraction of gold.

The folklore is unique in this Caribbean area, the traditional king pulanka, the may pole or maypole and the sauda are three heritage manifestations of the Miskitos and Mayangnas that constitute the heritage of their ancestors.

Its main town is Puerto Cabezas, located on the shore of the Caribbean Sea, followed by Waspam, on the banks of the Coco River in the middle of the Miskito territory, it is connected by a spacious road that crosses the great pine savanna, its famous Mining Triangle, are nearby towns, with the memory of their rich gold deposits, today only Bonanza takes advantage of it on an exportable business level.

This is the north, with a stunning nature, with its hardworking people, its living ancestral traditions, always hoping for a better future.

Municipalities of the Autonomous Region of the North Caribbean Coast

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