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Interior of the Niño Dios de Belén Parish

The appearance of this town is characteristic of the vernacular architecture that the Spanish Colony inherited us, with adobe houses and tile roofs, although there are modern civil and residential buildings such as the Health Center facilities.

The most representative building of this town is the Child God of Bethlehem Parish which was built approximately in the nineteenth century. There is no exact date of its construction and foundation. It was built on the site where the image of the Child God appeared.

You can take a tour of its interior and observe the pieces of sacred art or participate in religious services and parish activities. It is located on the main street of the city, on the east side of Central Park.

El Municipal park It has among its facilities a basketball sports court and a space that functions as a stage for any type of cultural presentation or other type of event.

Municipal park _belen_arquitectura2

Municipal park

It is equipped with children's games, a colorful and colorful gazebo, a cafeteria and a water fountain with reminiscences of the Colony that gives the park a lot of personality.

Another attraction of this park are the lush trees and landscaping. It also has free Wi-Fi. It is a very popular place for the families of the municipality, it has a very pleasant, safe and clean environment.

It is located at the main entrance of the municipality on the main street of Belén, in front of the Iglesia del Niño Dios de Belén.

La Cemetery facade You can see the beautiful and distinctive facade of the cemetery, its architecture corresponds to the colonial period, an element that gives this place a lot of uniqueness.


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