Cheese making, Camoapa.

Cheese making, Camoapa.

The department of Boaco is a great deposit of aboriginal tradition, its municipalities are charming settings of culture and history, with indigenous and Spanish names, pre-Columbian and modern gastronomy, it has typical dances and original songs, while the steps of the Moorish and Christian dancer resonate. In honor of Santiago, his patron, in the distance in the bull barrier the sounds of the philharmonic band can be heard encouraging the rider of the animal that rides it.

This is Boaco, the land of the Taisigüe and Yarrince chiefs.

The climate in the region is varied, it is crossed by rivers, streams, waterfalls and surrounded by hills that in the distance can be seen as giant stone masses: Cerro Alegre, Santa Lucia, Mombachito, Peña Labrada, El Monolito, among others.

Panoramic of Boaco

Panoramic of Boaco

Boaco's roads are in good condition facilitating safe travel to the municipalities.

It has an area of ​​1,086,81 kms2; It is known as the "Two-Story City" for its ups and downs topography, the visitor enjoys its climate and climbs in the departmental capital.

The livestock culture predominates, but also a growing tourist potential.

Boaco is cultured and hidden. Its painters such as Ernesto Brown, Mario Marín, César Caracas and Julio Sequeira have made the department proud; the poets Armando Íncer, Yahoska Tijerino and Flavio César Tijerino have also contributed to the cultural field and their singer-songwriters Eufemio López, Francisco Gutiérrez and Carlos Valle Vallecillo have raised their song.

He always returns to Boaco and whoever knows him never forgets him, visit him and walk through its corners and natural viewpoints.

This is Nicaragua!

Municipalities of Boaco

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