The physiognomy of the city is given by its buildings, which constitute a benchmark of the cultural identity of the Cardeneños and is the result of the experiences and knowledge shared, transmitted and enriched from one generation to another. Properties are highlighted:

Catholic Church: built in 1950, it was restored in 2006. Its façade presents some elements of the Baroque style, but in general the architecture of the church is sober and simple. Inside you can see sacred art. You can participate in religious activities such as processions, masses, prayers, and spiritual retreats, among others. It is located next to the Central Park.

Parish Church of Cardenas _cardenas_arquitectura4

Cardenas Parish Church

The oldest house in Cárdenas: it is located in the community of La Flor. It is a building that contains a lot of political, social and economic history. It retains its original construction and structure. It is more than a century old.

Municipal boardwalk: located on the shores of Lake Cocibolca, it has an excellent view of the Great Lake. It was built in 2008. It is a beautiful place where you can appreciate a beautiful panoramic view of Ometepe Island, observe its two imposing volcanoes and enjoy the fresh waters of Cocibolca. Here you can rest under the shade of small tiled roof kiosks, and find establishments that offer bar and restaurant services. The boardwalk is located to the east of the urban area.

Malecon cardenas_arquitectura_gal6

Malecón Pier

Municipal Park Heroes and Martyrs of Cárdenas: it has modern and colorful children's games, among which the swings and slides stand out. It has benches to rest, a kiosk and green areas.

Families can recreate in a safe and healthy environment. Here you can relax and walk along the platforms surrounded by nature. If you are a sports lover, take a walk around the municipal courts to recreate yourself, watching a good game of the sport of your choice.


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