The municipality of Cárdenas was a small and quiet community known as "La Tortuga", due to the abundance of turtles that were on its shores.

The name of this city is given in honor of the president of Nicaragua in 1887 and a native of Rivas, Adán Cárdenas.

The founding families of this town were the Júnez family and the Vásquez family; who were dedicated to the extraction of rubber milk and medlar stick milk.

Gaspar García Laviana Memorial Park cardenas_naturaleza_gal6

Gaspar García Laviana Memorial Park

At that time the town had only one street, which began in the town square to the Cárdenas river, which they called Calle Calero, currently known as Calle Malgrat de Mar.

Crafts and other trades

One of the artisan activities in which they stand out is the production of boats and tools for artisanal fishing, carried out by the laborious hands of fishermen in the area.

Visit the Gaspar García Laviana Memorial Park, a place where you will breathe pure air, and you will be able to observe species of fauna. Of great historical value, because in this place the guerrilla priest Gaspar García Laviana, of Asturian origin, who came to Nicaragua to exercise the priesthood, fell in combat and joined the fight against the Somoza dictatorship. It is located 12 kilometers from the urban area, in the community of Río Mena.

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