It was declared a protected area through Presidential Decree 42-91, published in the official newspaper La Gaceta No. 207 on November 4, 1991; due to its great ecological importance, since it together with Cerro Bolivia form a natural corridor that connects the Bosawás Biosphere Reserve with the plain of the North Caribbean Coast autonomous region through a secondary broadleaf forest.

It is located approximately 10 kilometers northeast of the Bonanza municipality in the North Caribbean Coast autonomous region. It is a practically unaltered area with 22,200 hectares of extension, covered with a humid tropical forest. This natural reserve is a testimony of the greatness and wonder of Bosawás, which presents us with a great variety of ecosystems, and places that can be developed for tourism, being of great benefit to the nearby communities.

The hydrographic basins of the Cola Blanca, give rise to 35 streams that are tributaries of important rivers such as Wawa, Kukalaya, El Pijibay, Bil Tingni Tara and Pis Pis, which are important sources for the supply of drinking water, food and communication routes of surrounding communities; Likewise, its soils are rich in base, dark in color with rocks close to the surface and well drained.