It is located northeast of the municipality of Matagalpa. It has an area of ​​1,761 hectares that includes the ranks of Cerro Frío, La Bijagua and La Tronca; In this area the La Cumplida and Las Escaleras rivers are born, which when joining downstream form the Yasica River.

It presents vegetation of the tropical humid forest with a temperate and pleasant temperature in contrast to the hot tropical climate that characterizes the lower areas of the province. Being nestled in the central mountain range of Nicaragua, it is covered by a lush forest mass.

The average annual temperature of 20 - 22 ° C and average annual rainfall of 2,000 to 3,000 mm are very well distributed, although the total precipitation is higher due to dew condensation on the vegetation and soil cover because almost all the time it is cloudy.

Among the reported mammalian species that are the congo monkey, cougar, guardrailgoat deer y sahino. Among birds, it is possible to observe the quetzalpeacock basschachalaca, Y central american ringer.


        • Trekking
        • Observation of flora and fauna
        • Landscaping and Photography
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