The Great Islands and Little Corn Island are the result of Tertiary Era eruptions.

The big island has a relief of domed hills and an elevated cone, strongly undulating, caused by three extinct volcanic structures (Mount Pleasant Hill, 96.55 meters above sea level, Little Hill, 57 meters above sea level, and Queen Hill, 55 meters above sea level).

The rest of the island, 68% of the total area, is almost at sea level with up to 5 m above sea level and comprises flat, slightly undulating terrain, swamps and floodplains, as well as small lagoons.

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Little corn island

Both islands have wetland vegetation formations that play an important role in the functioning of their ecosystems and as a source of fresh water.

The islands are lined with white sand beaches and surrounded by coral reefs. Both are separated from each other by about 15 kilometers. The beaches are its main tourist attractions.

Get to know its different paradisiacal beaches of white sand and crystal clear waters, suitable for diving and snorkelling as a beach Long Bay, Broad Bay, Silver Sand and Coco Beach.

Visit South West Bay Beach one of the longest beaches on Corn Island, with a length of 1.8 kilometers and 40 meters wide, it is characterized by calm waters throughout the year thanks to its location in the opposite sector to the orientation of the winds, it is perfect for practice swimming.

Known Naco an old steamship stranded on coral reefs, the area has a rich variety of marine life making it ideal for scuba diving or snorkeling. It is located in the northern part of Great Corn Island.

Also visit the beaches of North End y Sally peachie, are a combination of white sand beaches and reefs, suitable for swimming, snorkeling and diving. They are located in the northern part of the island.

Another interesting site is blowing rock Of volcanic origin, it is considered one of the best diving sites in Central America, with a wealth of extraordinary marine life, where you can take the best aquatic photographs. It is located 7 nautical miles southeast of the island.

An ideal place for relaxation and rest is Little corn island, the smallest island of the Corn Island archipelago, surrounded by white sand beaches, turquoise waters and a barrier reef visible less than three meters deep. A perfect place to practice snorkeling and diving.

There is the possibility of taking diving and snorkelling tours by contracting one of the offers on the island, you can also enjoy its beaches and the gastronomic offer of restaurants, bars and hotels. To get to the "little island" you must board a boat or panga in the port of the Big Island or Great Corn Island.


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