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Carved in jícaro

Originally this municipality was formed by the San Antonio, Chita and Nahualapa hamlets. The latter is a toponymy of Nahuatl origin that means "Place of many trees". This word is an indicative element of the presence in the territory of indigenous groups.

Buenos Aires is recognized for the popular art of making filigree gourds.

The word jícara is ancestral and comes from the Nahuatl voice: "xicalli", which means vessel. The jícara is a container of natural origin, they were part of the traditional tableware, due to their different shapes, made from the jícaro fruit. Today they are a true work of goldsmith art, made by the industrious women who make up the Cooperativa de Producción Artesanal de Buenos Aires, associated for five years, are known locally, regionally, nationally and internationally as the "Jícaras de Filigranas".

This vessel, in the Nicaraguan culture has innumerable daily uses, it serves to store or transport seeds and liquids; Besides being used as a decorative object, it is also used to drink water, tiste, pozol, lukewarm, pinol con leche and atoles, drinks inherited from our natives.

Cocoa pods are another traditional expression of taste, they are also made in Buenos Aires. This traditional sweet is a cultural element of the living heritage, an exponent of the indigenous tradition and the pre-Hispanic cultivation of cocoa, which served as commercial currency in pre-Columbian times.Nowadays, only in this department are the exquisite and famous cocoa pods made. Apart from this product, processed by hand, they make figures of different shapes such as fruits, baskets, animals. They are popular and known nationally and internationally.

The main ingredient is cocoa mixed with sugar, cinnamon, pepper and cloves. They can be eaten directly, in drinks, hot and cold.

Craft trades

The artisans who make the mud bricks; artisanal fishing is the one that stands out the most for being a people of lake culture; They also make wooden handicrafts, rowboats, hammocks and cast nets.


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