San Albino Mines

It is one of the historical places of great importance for being the territory of the San Albino Mines, where General Augusto C. Sandino, made his proclamation "Manifesto of San Albino" in 1927; the most forceful and definitively anti-imperialist writing of the thought and struggle of the national hero.

In addition to being a territory of national decorum and the scene of the Sandinista struggle, this town still preserves the colonial architecture and vernacular construction system; prevailing the houses of mud and tile roofs, symbol of cultural identity of the city; its people, loving, simple and hospitable; land of Moyuca, Xicaques and Sandino.

 cultural tourism 

Know the San Albino Gold Mines, historical site of great national importance, for being the site of the most famous anti-imperialist proclamation of General Augusto C. Sandino. Traces of what was the mine are still preserved. It was declared a National Historical Heritage in 1983. They are located 4 kms. southwest of the municipal seat, on the banks of the El Jícaro river.

 Traditional crafts and crafts

Furniture manufacturing

Furniture manufacturing

Clay crafts are made such as jars, pots, comales, among others; particularly in the craft workshop located in the San Pedro Hula community.

In the workshop Crafts Decorations they make handicrafts of tusa and decorations with corn grains. It is located in the San Pedro Hula community, its owner is Martha Adilia Pastrana.

Crafts Rescuing Tradition. They make handicrafts from jícaro, coconut, bamboo, wood and bone; It is located in the San Pedro Hula community. Its owner is Deyling Ramón Pastrana.

Other traditional trades are tailoring, shoemaking, carpentry, saddlery; cabinetmaking, seamstresses, as well as sugar milling and artisanal extraction of gold and silver, work carried out by güiriseros in small mines.

Manufacture of clothing for Xiomara Ramos and Rodríguez clothing, Maradiaga y Hernández Carpentry, and Castillo Saddlery.


Among the local legends are La carreta nagua, the witch carreta or shrieking carreta and La carreta sin oxen, La mona, La llorona and El cadejo.


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