Coat of arms of the municipality_larreynaga_cultura5

Coat of arms of the municipality.

The geographical situation of the municipality has marked its history, since its territory was the route since the days of the carts that trafficked between León, Matagalpa and Jinotega, carrying manufactured goods such as clothes, shoes, salt and medicines to exchange them for coffee. The wagon traffic made it necessary to place rest places along the road.

The foundation is attributed to Manuel Ignacio Pereira Quintana, who dreamed of founding a town. And from September 1936 he settled with several families without a plot to cultivate and support their family.

Chosen the surroundings of a Flag Station, which a few years ago had built the León-Sauce railway branch. The only previous inhabitant was Pedro Soza, head of the station.

The founding act, held on Sunday, September 06, 1936, was attended by the authorities of León. During the ceremony, the people hung the portrait of Miguel Larreynaga on a güiligüiste tree, in whose honor that place was baptized.

Diomar López Sevilla_larreynaga_cultura6Now, this is one of the best known cultural icons of the city of Malpaisillo, it is named "The municipal tree" and it is located next to the Mayor's Office building.

One of the main aspects for which the inhabitants of this municipality are proud is for its professional baseball athletes, a sport that comes from the hearts of the people of this town. Among the outstanding athletes of this municipality are Diomar López Seville, player for the San Diego Padres organization and Esteban Ramírez, professional baseball player in Nicaragua.

Flag of the municipality 

During the municipal government of Leonel Navarro Cáceres, a contest was organized for young people to participate by making a logo that would be the banner of the municipal flag.

During the contest, two young people from Malpaisillo were selected, who designed the representative logo and shield of the municipality, which have four symbols: the Cerro Negro in eruption, land in the process of cultivation, tools to extract metal, gold and ceramics, works that identify the municipality .

Artistic manifestation

Abraham Mayorga_larreynaga_cultura1With artistic talents such as: Flor Urbina (currently residing in Costa Rica); Abraham Mayorga, better known as “Abrahamcito,” a native of the El Piñuelar region; blind artist who began his artistic career at a very early age (Los Sayders Ensemble); Ángel Pérez (Brothers Pérez Group and Banda Kaliente, of national significance); Silvio López (Volcano Group); Benito López (The New Landers Ensemble); Juan Victorino Rojas alias “Chumeco”; Moises Urbina Moreno (Los Clark Group); Filemón Munguía, alias “El Campeche del Paraguay”; The Perez Brothers; Francisco Pereira Herrera and Luis Adam Pereira. Another prominent local and national figure was Santiago Paiz Carvajal (RIP) "El Indio Pan de Rosa" (1932-1982), originally from Terrero 1, composed innumerable songs, sung by Carlos Mejía Godoy, among these: A la costa from a beach, Altos pinales, To my distant girlfriend (with Carlos Mejía Godoy), To my distant girlfriend (with Julio Cansino), Sugar and pepper, Corrido del brigadista (with Carlos Mejía Godoy), Two passages, The little animal, The corrido to Pancho Nato.

As well as: Alfredo's corrido, The black bird, The dagger that pierces, That woman (with Carlos Mejía Godoy), The pretty woman, The woman of my treasure, Levántate palomita (with Carlos Mejía Godoy), Matagalpa, Matoncito verde, Black-eyed brunette, San José de la Montaña (with Carlos Mejía Godoy), I know you're going to get married, A married woman, A married woman (with mariachi), I live thinking, I live thinking (with Julio Cansino). The Municipal Auditorium in Malpaisillo, has the name of "Indio Pan de Rosa", also there are some souvenir photos of this local character.

The municipality has its anthem “Pueblo Larreynaga”, composed by the singer-songwriter Antenor Sandino Hernández in 1937, as a gift in honor of the founding of the town. In addition, the corrido "Malpaisillo Polvoriento" composed by Pablo Emilio Pérez Mendoza.

Historical - cultural tourism

Monument to mothers

Monument to the mothers.

In the urban area, starting on the east side of the Municipal Market of Malpaisillo, you can take a tour to observe the monuments that are located on the boulevard: the Mausoleum of the Literacy Crusade, the Tourist Ranch where every December the altar is installed to the Immaculate and Christmas; also find the monument dedicated to mothers, go through the Heroes and Martyrs Park where you can taste fruits and food that small merchants offer. Continue to the Mmunicipal Court and the second old railway station, remodeled in 2015, works as a Municipal Auditorium with the name "Santiago Paiz Carvajal", meetings, cultural and recreational events are held here.

The guerrilla's route: Larreynaga was liberated from the Somocista dynasty on June 18, 1979, and has as heroes and martyrs of the Patriotic Military Service: Raúl Salgado, Alejandro Toruño, Bernardo Bermúdez, Antonio Reyes, Manuel de Jesús Pérez, Carlos Alberto Flores, Wilfredo Granado , Norman Suncín, Pedro Pablo Cordero, Manuel Zapata Gómez, Eddy Castellón Cisneros, Rene Genaro Canales and the Ramón Urbina brothers.

In front of the Héroes y Mártires municipal park is the monument to these characters, every June 18 an act of tribute is held. There is also a monument adjacent to the Mayor's Office. In the El Vijague farmhouse, on the road to the Larreynaga region, there is another monolith to the heroes of Malpaisillo and El Sauce.

Metallic and non-metallic miningThere are quaternary and more recent volcanic rock formations that have industrial value, the deposits of the mining complex: Mina El Limón - Santa Pancha, currently in use; They are deposits of gold and silver, used industrially and by artisanal use by the small mining of güiriseros.The Company Triton Minera SA has an exploration concession on the El Limón Mine and Santa Pancha Mine with a concession area of ​​12,000 hectares, and according to data the office of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), for the year 2004 produced 25,275 ounces.


In the municipality there are workshops dedicated to making beautiful handcrafted pieces that you can buy or learn about their production process. We recommend visiting the Pedro Ramírez Handicraft Workshop, the Filerma Andino Handicraft Workshop and the Leila Duarte Handicraft Workshop. They are located on Calle Real in the community of Tolapa, on the east side of the school, here you will find flowerpots, piggy banks and ornaments -among other designs- made of clay and sand, using various molding and tuning tools.

Santiago Paíz Carvajal _larreynaga_cultura2You can also visit the Marianela Andino Handicraft Workshop and the Olga María Reyes Handicraft Workshop, in the La Sabaneta community. In these workshops a great variety of ornaments and utensils for traditional cuisine are made, as well as handicrafts. Besides being a tradition of many years in the families of this community, it is the main economic activity of La Sabaneta. Don't forget to take your memory of this city with you.

Other sites of interest

Eight kilometers from Malpaisillo is the community of Tolapa, where the ancient ruins are located. “Las Cuevas de Tolapa”, an archaeological site over 150 years old, of great historical importance. You will learn how our old railway users protected themselves from the sun and the wind; in this same community you will find the third old railway station of the municipality and "the black well" where the railway was supplied with water.

The first old railway station, which is preserved as cultural heritage of the municipality, is located in the region of Rota, however this building does not retain the typical infrastructure of the old railway stations since it was one of the last built by the Railway Company In addition, there was an intervention in the improvement of its infrastructure by the municipal government that made it lose some old characteristics to modernize it to a communal house. The Community of Rota limits with the municipality of Telica and the Telica-Rota Nature Reserve.


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