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Mine workers.

It bears the name of its patron saint "Santa Rosa del Peñón de Lima", it is the second smallest municipality in the department of León and stands out for its great mineral wealth. It was legally created in 1834.

Founded -in colonial times- by emigrants who came in search of gold and lime mines, and by workers from Spanish and North American companies, no date is specified.

Currently you can see the ruins of the excavated mounds of the old mines, today they are a living witness of the historical memory of mining in this town; The image that is perceived from the traces of what was mining, resemble a deserted and abandoned place, where only tunnels or holes remain and the reference of what that place was.

Mineral extraction, Mina La India_santarosa_cultura_gal4The municipality lived its heyday with the exploitation of the La India, San Lucas, Dos Hermanos, El Pilar, San Juan and El Nancital mines in the 70's. Historically this town has had important mining resources of gold, plaster and lime, whose excavation and exploitation has been in the hands of foreign companies.

Since 1990, mining exploitation is reactivated at the artisanal level, organizing the local people as the Güiriseros Collective, currently converted into the Cooperativa de Producción y Trabajo de Pequeños Mineros "El Pilar" RL, made up of more than 60 partners.

Santa Rosa del Peñón de Lima is a beautiful picturesque town. Its people, noble, simple and hard-working since dawn, go out to work in their daily chores, proud to be from the people of gold, beans, plasterers and güiriseros.

Teachers of generations very recognized in the municipality:

Lydia Maradiaga: first woman union member of the municipality, assassinated by the Somocista guard.
Isabella Lainez: popularly known as "Chavelo", the first mayor of the town; Humberto Urroz, also the old mayor of the town.

Teacher Gonzalo Corrales Munguia; teachers: Blanca Acuña Avilés; Antonia Chavez y Divine light.

Villagers remember Ligia Maradiaga

Residents Remember Ligia Maradiaga.

Artistic expressions between music and traditional dances

In Santa Rosa del Peñon, the music is highlighted by two great families of musicians who shared their popular, traditional and religious art with their people; the family Mejia Torres, with his patriarch Juan Mejia Torres, who inherited the art of music to his children, who masterfully play the violin and guitar, and participate in events, festivals and religious festivities have traditional music as their banner.

La Trujillo family contributes to the rescue, promotion and diffusion of the traditional popular music of their municipality, they participate in the cultural, social and religious activities of their community, they magically play the accordion and the guitar.


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