Carazo is coffee, marshmallow, picadillo and ajiaco, it is the ironic Güegüense, it is the Toro Huaco dancing, it is tradition, beach and peaceful sea; Carazo is the department of production, it is the land of the dirians. 

El Güegüense dance performance

It has two sister cities, almost twins and very close: Diriamba, named Chorotega and Jinotepe, named Nahuatl, each with a cool climate, Diriamba, located 42 kilometers away, and Jinotepe, located 45 kilometers south of Managua, those cities are the entrance doors to the apartment. In its surroundings there are coffee farms where Nicaraguan green gold is processed, especially in the first months of the year.

Both cities are very crowded by devotees, tourists and the media during their patron saint festivities in January; those of Diriamba in honor of San Sebastián, and in July those of Jinotepe in honor of Santiago, each festival has its own folkloric dances.

Wildlife refuge "Río Escalante Chacocente"

San Marcos, Santa Teresa, La Conquista and Dolores are other cities in Carazo that also have a cool climate throughout the year. El Rosario and La Paz de Carazo are traditional and picturesque cities.

Carazo has hotels, restaurants, houses of culture, museums, banks, universities, private nature reserves, agro-ecological farms, markets, historical sites, painters, artisans and artists.

It has one of the most important wildlife refuges in the world "Rio Escalante Chacocente", where thousands of Tora and Paslama sea turtles arrive.

Come to Carazo and savor a cup of coffee, with its privileged climate, your stay will be unforgettable.

Municipalities of Carazo

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