The climatic characteristics of the municipality of Diriamba are semi-humid tropical savanna. The thermal regime varies between 26 and 27 ° C, with the annual average being 26.5 ° C. The highest temperatures are recorded in the months of April and May, the lowest in December and January.

The highest precipitations occur in the plateau and vary from 1,600 mm to 1,400 mm annually, the lowest occur in the coastal zone of the sea with 500 to 1,000 mm.

The main places in the municipality to appreciate nature are:

El Leap of the Snake Here you can take a tour, which begins by visiting some small pools in the upper part of the place, these are deep and to climb you must climb the stones that make up the waterfall. To make your visit pleasant, it is advisable to hire a local guide to accompany you on the trip.

You can get there from the urban area of ​​Diriamba, heading towards the San Miguel de Guayacán region, 17 kilometers from the entrance to San Gregorio, the duration of the route is 45 minutes, there is no signposting and access is in regular conditions. You must travel by private vehicle.

La Boquita Tourist Center: This is a tourist complex made up of hotels, bars and restaurants, all located on the shoreline. Here you can taste delicious dishes in any of its restaurants, you can also surf in these waters, horseback riding, artisanal fishing and take a good dip. To get there you must take a bus at the Diriamba Municipal Market, the road is signposted and access is good.

La Boquita Tourist Center

In La Boquita there are other attractions such as the Poza de Las Monjas, the estuary where the river flows, where according to history the ancestors came from Diriamba to worship.

There is also the Masapa River, a small islet in the center of the mouth.

Casares Beach: It is a rocky beach, with sandy entrances and summer houses facing the sea, it is a characteristic place for being a fishermen's area, here you will enjoy the views towards the sea, observe different ecosystems, take a bath on the beach or relax taking the sun on the coast, you can do artisanal fishing, boat rides, horseback riding, surfing and of course enjoy the waters of the sea. To get there from the urban area of ​​Diriamba you must look for a bus at the Diriamba Municipal Market, those that leave for Casares, there are signs to get to the place and the access is in good condition.

Casares beach diriamba_naturaleza_gal2

Casares Beach

The Platanal: It is a dam that is made up of a river, you can take a walk around and enjoy the waters, the main attraction of the place. To get there, from the town of Diriamba, take a bus to La Boquita, which is located at kilometer 57 and is signposted until you reach the site.

La La Machine Private Wildlife Reserve It has an area of ​​159.1 hectares with aquatic flora and fauna, a spectacular and beautiful 10-meter high waterfall.

Canopy, The Machine

It is located at kilometer 58 1/2 Diriamba - La Boquita highway, in a geological fracture that cuts the La Trinidad River causing a beautiful jump; in La Trinidad is the Hacienda Guadalupe dry tropic reserve.

Museo Tonantzi_villadelcarmen_cultura_gal_ (10)

Tonantzin Museum

Natural Park "A Dreaming Boy": The property has an area of ​​0.57 blocks, is located just 2 kilometers from the urban area in the San Ramon village, the area is populated by trees such as Guácimo calf, Guanacaste black and white, Mahogany, Níspero and Mimbro. In turn, these serve as a habitat for large bird diversity such as Woodpeckers, Chocoyos-sapoyolitos, Tortolitas, Guardabarrancos, Chichiltotes, squirrels and others.

Tonantzin Agroecological Reserve: Located in the municipality of Diriamba in the La Trinidad community, it has an extension of 125Mz dedicated to the cultivation of basic grains, citrus fruits and, on a smaller scale, livestock. Tonantzin in Nahuatl means mother earth.

In this initiative you will be able to learn and practice agroecological techniques, among which the production of organic fertilizer stands out as a result of composting and vermiculture, water harvesting, carbon capture and forest thinning.

Tonantzin awaits you with its trails to enjoy bird watching, among which the yellow-naped parrot stands out, viewpoints, petroglyphs, primitive camping, howler monkey sightings and above all human warmth with personalized attention.

La Peñita Spa: Located at kilometer 57 of the highway to La Boquita, it is a great place to connect with nature, a space where you can enjoy a cool climate with your family. This spa is a place where the visitor can come with family and friends. There is the possibility of bringing your own food and drinks or cooking them. If you prefer to buy on site, you can taste roasted pork and chicken or, on Sundays, an exquisite Indian chicken or beef soup accompanied by the national drinks of your choice.
The value of the ticket is 30 cordobas. Boys and girls under 5 years old do not pay.

Las Peñitas Spa

San Juan of the Sierra: Located just 14 kilometers from the city center, in the midst of the chirping of birds and the noise of the cicadas that populate this rural area of ​​the city of Diriamba, the San Juan waterfall is revealed as a paradise to forget the heat in summer, several meters high, the natural torrent seems to caress the sky, to fall into a dam approximately 1 meter deep which runs along the banks of the river la trinidad, following the course of the river between the smooth stones About 800 meters away, the most adventurous tourist can reach the Salto de la Culebra, another spa that dazzles and can make you change your next vacation destination in your agenda.

San Juan de la Sierra Waterfall, Diriamba

Masapa Beach: Located 27 kilometers southwest of the city, next to the beaches of La Boquita, it is a beach with wide coastlines and a natural estuary that allows visitors to carry out various recreational activities, its fresh waters and its paradisiacal landscape make this place the place perfect for vacationing families away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Masapa Estuary

The species of fauna are small, due to the little forest mass, among the species of the place the white-tailed deer, rabbits, cusucos, iguanas, guardatinajas, garrobos, foxes, chocoyos, guardabarrancos, magpies, hawks, carrots, chiricas, saltapiñuelas, charraleros, güises, zenzontles and squirrels.

Diriamba is the privileged municipality for having around it many waterfalls of natural origin in which it stands out: Cascada Las Mercedes, Cascada El Ñaga, San Juan de la Sierra and El Saltón, places where you can be in contact with nature just a few few kilometers from the urban center of the city, they are easily accessible and you can enjoy its fresh waters.


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