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Esteli, River of Blood or Red Stone, where the artistic work is carried out ancestrally, this is manifested in its music, poetry and painting; heritage of our Chorotega ancestors, who developed mytho-poetic faculties and were captured in stones with pictorial expressions and petroglyphs.

The City of Estelí is a national benchmark for popular art, different expressions: muralism, painting, drawing, sculpture, digital illustration.

In Estelí there has been a strong painterly movement with exponents of art such as: Donaldo Altamirano, Bayardo Gámez, Rafael Gámez, Douglas Parrales, Marlene Lanuza, Ramiro López, Danilo Torrez, Hilario Valenzuela, Leonel Serrato, Marció Díaz, Oscar Barreda, Juan Carlos Moreno, Elvin Picado among many others.

Creative Circuit “Sones del Michigüiste”

The infrastructure, the cultural, tourist and economic values ​​that this circuit possesses are:

  • Mariachi Walk

  • Leonel Rugama House of Culture.

  • Felipe Urrutia Cultural Center.

  • Central Park July 16.

  • Esteli Cathedral "Our Lady of the Rosary".

  • Training and Promotion Center: Music Schools. Musical, “Sones Segovias” School of Music, REMAR School of Music: UNAG Offices, Los Angelitos Music School: Los Angeles neighborhood: From where it was taboo, 5 blocks east, 1 block north.

  • Music recording studios or rooms: Metal Sound Record, Morgan Studio, Pasion Studio: Obsidiana Studio, Metal Sound Record, MG Beatz: Fe y Esperanza Church ½ to the west (Radio Fe y Esperanza, Madhevier Eventos, Estelí Music School.

  • Murals: Mural of the Leonel Rugama House of Culture, murals of the Municipal Government of Estelí, mural La veranera: Guillermo Cano School: Popular Urban Art, Other Murals within the Circuit

  • House of Musicians: House of Don Noel Pérez Urbina, House of Alfredito Quintero, House of Don Felipe Urrutia and his Puppies)

  • Plaza Parque Domingo Gadea (Museum, library, murals and monuments)

  • Institute of Popular Art Roberto Loaisiga

  • Music stores: Music + Instruments, Armonía Estelí, Brother Music: Barrio el Rosario, SONY Warehouse

  • Providers of services linked to Art, CAFETIN LAS GODDESSES, Mocca Nana Café, RIFF, Casa del Club de Obrero, Café y Tinta (from the beautiful 2c north, ½ east, El Wonder, Fire House, Others.

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