Among the typical dishes of Granada are grilled mojarra, turtle stew, iguana pinol, rice with gaspar, pig with yucca, pebre and vigorón. Guapote has become one of the most representative dishes.

El vigorous, one hundred percent from Granada, it is served in green plantain leaves and cooked yucca, pork rinds and cabbage and tomato salad with wicker are placed ... Ready to savor!

Vigoron and Chicha

Vigorón with Chicha

Among the traditional drinks typical of Granada is the fresh grass, with diuretic properties, it is a type of grass very common in nature that is found on the edges of roads and fields, meadows and pastures frequented by cattle.

It is a refreshing drink with an exquisite taste on the palate, it is usually prepared daily and it accompanies the meals of Granada families.

Chingue is a pre-Hispanic drink made from pujagua corn, it contains cinnamon, cloves, sugar and milk.

The traditional sweets in Granada are its famous boxes of different flavors and aroma.

Fresh from Grama _granada_gastronomia3

Grass Fresh

In the municipal market you can taste different dishes, drinks and sweets, such as: nacatamal, Indian old, chacho with yuca, fritanga, roast beef and pork, roast chicken, salpicón, shredded meats, covered meat, fried fish, stews, all kinds of soups. As a base: totilla, slices, cooked and ripe banana.

Cool: Corn chicha, pinol, pinolillo, tiste, cocoa with milk, jícaro seed, pozol with milk and a variety of tropical fruit soft drinks.

Sweet: desserts or sandwiches such as atolillo and perrerreque.

Breads: donuts, baked goods, sweet and savory breads.


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