Cymbals: auhbipiakan (Mixed guilla meats, venison, cusuco and bastimento), fish soup, seafood soup, fish meat balls, bunya (cassava or pijibaye), bulbul, garlic shrimp, shrimp ceviche, oyster cocktail and dikuruna (similar to the old Indian).

As well as fufudara (yucca and ripe tortilla), chicken in caldillo, gallo pinto with coconut or rice and beans, kakamuk piakan Kuku wal (iguana cooked with coconut), kuswa piakan, kruhban (meat and beans), lukluk (food ), paty (food), rundown (turtle fin, fish, smoked pork), clam chowder and wabul (made from banana, plantain, root vegetables or fruit).

rundown by head_back_gastronomy1

Beef rundown

Drinks: soreil, soda cake, ginger beer, guarapo, honedrink, ricedrink, casaba ducunu, milk and coconut oil, wapi (fresh fermented rice), tish tea (fish tea), misla, is the typical drink based on corn, tea ginger, lemon tea, soursop, mint, hibiscus, lemon grass tea and guava wine.

Pan: banana cake (banana cake), casaba cake (yuca cake), coco cake (coconut bread), stew, jonny cake (bread), bond bread and duff (drunken English soup).


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